Environmental Site Assessments

Are you planning to do the necessary level of due diligence on your next property investment or do you wish to perform a limited environmental site assessment to help detect potential environmental risks associated with a property.

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment must be AAI or ASTM E1527-13 compliant to qualify a purchaser for CERCLA liability protection.  However, if CERCLA isn’t a concern, you may want to choose a more limited assessment.

The type of environmental screen can depend on several factors, including the perceived risk of the property, the property type, loan value, the typical user risk tolerance, among other things.


The most recent All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standard was created by the EPA in 2013.  SE follows ASTM E1527-13 which meets the AAI requirement for due diligence.

The Phase I ESA includes a review of available records for a target property and its surrounding area, a review of historical records, a site visit, and interviews.  The final report contains documentation of all records reviewed, observations made during the site visit, results of the interviews, an explanation of any gaps in data and any recognized environmental conditions uncovered along with conclusions and recommendations.

SE is trained in ASTMs most recent standards and meets all requirements as an Environmental Professional (EP) under the new AAI rules.

Records Review Screening

This service is provided as a lower level of environmental property investigation.  The records review includes a review of current government environmental databases and is limited to two or more standard historical sources.  The scope can be further customized to include a site visit, telephone interviews, and additional file reviews.  The objective is to provide an opinion of high or low environmental risk.  It does not satisfy AAI requirements for Due Diligence.

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