Drinking Water

Non-Transient, Non-Community Water Supplies

The federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) sets health and safety standards for public drinking water.  In Illinois, the Department of Public Health (IDPH) regulates non-community systems.  A non-transient, non-community water system regularly serves at least 25 of the same people more than six months per year, and these systems must be managed by licensed operators.

Licensed as a Non-Community Non-Transient Drinking Water Operator by the Illinois Department of Public Health, SE can help you meet your requirements to provide safe drinking water to those you serve.  We offer:

  • Sampling and Reporting as required by the IDPH
  • Water System Inspections
  • Record Keeping
  • Public Notification, if required
  • Required correspondence with the IDPH

Private Drinking Water Supplies

SE offers testing and analysis to home owners with private wells.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests testing private wells for pesticides, organic chemicals, and heavy metals before you use a private well for the first time.  Testing of private water supplies is recommended annually for nitrate and coliform bacteria to detect contamination problems early.   All analysis is performed by an Illinois accredited laboratory approved for drinking water analysis.

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